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SUNTEKS Plastic and Packing Industry and Factory Trading Limited Company was established by Suat HISARCIKLILAR in Ankara Ostim Industry Center in 1985.

SUNTEKS, where the goods are produced in two different center is functions on a 5000 m2 area with 30 worker and 6 tones/ day production capacity in several subdivision of plastic and packing industry.

SUNTEKS which making pres by the help of advanced technology with low and high densitied polyethylene, relizes production of bags and nylon with various producing bands.

In every work SUNTEKS is conscious of it’s responsibilityies against to customers, to its staff, to sub-industry and by-industryand to nature. Also keeps the customer satisfaction foreground with modern enviroment consciousness.

Keeping the team works foreground is sharing profit and loss and sharing achievement and failure as an institutionalized or in other words as an instutition which fix its functions with systems and procedures.




SUNTEKS, which realizes production like bags with or without stamp, rouleau vegetable and fruit bags, rubbish bags, shrink nylon and many packing manufactures aims to present the best goods and the best services.




SUNTEKS, which is open to reforms is in harmony with developments dynamicly, bases the customer expectations and suggestions and realizes this strategy succesfully.
We are aware of that quality is limitless, so tahat the word of “sufficient” is not “efficient” for us and we are always forcing the limits to improve our company will never compromise about the quality of plastic and packing industry manufactures that we produce.
SUNTEKS integrate the advanced technology and qualified raw-meterial together and so that we can our customers’ needs and expectations in every condition.
We are rising our capacity which is formed with both “enlarging the production lines” and “making new technological production lines” continously.
As SUNTEKS we are making a big effort and trying to be the leader in this sector with creating new and modern tchnelogies and in our firm we are manufacturing in high standarts with the succesfull integration of experience coming from the past and new technology.
Our production capacity is 130 tones monthly, with our advanced machines, our company is justified to have the Alimeny Regulation Property Certificate of the Ministry of Agriculture in 1998. and achieves the best in this field.
In addition, our company produce with TSE certification and finished the application for ISO quality certificate and working through this application.
Because of the love of nature and giving a special importance to envirement we have recycling raw-material production in a 1500 m2 closed area with 20 workers. With these raw materials we are producing rubbish bahs, private orders and bags for heavy services.



We are realizing production in the direction of consumer needs’ an high quality with our educated expert staff.
We are making an effort for producing the best with the coordination every unit from management till production.
Our staff reach the peak, the perfect with the education period when they begin to work and with intagrating their wxperiences through tihs education in the course of time. The main thing in our company is continous education. By this way wecan refresh our knowledge and at the same time we are adapting the new and developing technology
Besides our manager and production staff are following the latest changes with visiting the fairs.


SUNTEKS accept all of it’s customers as its own by establishment, as its own structure. And asevere quality control is done because any failure which can occure during manufacturing would overshadow this mentality.
At first we respect and protect our customers’ rights in every buying and selling. And we put into practice this principle with our manager staff. We never let the customers being unjustly treated anything would proceed from us our family is enlarging day by day with the confidence and trust that we are trying to make up. And our power is comes from this large family.



Adress: 29. Sokak No:143-145-147    06370 Ostim/ANKARA
Tel: (0 312) 354 69 80 (6 Hat)    Fax: (0 312) 354 05 33